Suzhou Bello Technology Co,.Ltd is a professional fitnessaccessories manufacturer. The company was established in 2010 at the centrallocation of Suzhou SIP in china.   We have a wide range of products in the fitness field, among whichare weight plate, barbell series, yoga related and body-building equipments etc.

         We also have R&D department withinour factory facilitates, taking both OEM&ODM as per customers' specificrequirements.   Since our establishment, 65%of our products have been exported to hundreds of wholesalers and agents acrossMiddle East, Europe and North America. We are dedicated to supply you with thebest products at the lowest price.
We also can provide with professionaladvices and experience to develop customers’ new product meanwhile extend and improve existing ones. We are constantly looking for opportunities to build newbusiness relationships with customers around the world.